Castle Stalker, Scotland July 2011

After being a fan of the Monty Python films and more so Monty Python and the Holy Grail, I’ve wanted to go and visit Castle Stalker that featured in the film. Unfortunately for the most part you can’t really get as close as you would like, especially when the tide is in. However there is a cafe nearby on the landscape called Castle Stalker View which gets you as close as you can probably get.

Castle Stalker is pretty small and is in a place called Appin in Argyll. The cafe nearby does some really good pastries and also Irn Bru floats (if you don’t know what this is, Irn Bru is the soda drink of Scotland that outsells Coke and has a dollop of ice cream in it).

The Castle is situated on the A828 between Ballachulish and Connel, and accessed by way of the old railway track. Using the Castle Stalker View Café as your starting point, travel southwards (right turn on leaving the café) down the steep hill. At the foot of the hill, follow the road round the sharp lefthand bend and approximately 150 metres further on turn right by a small red postbox mounted on a pole. Follow this small lane to the end where it meets the new cycle track and turn right again along the old railway track parallel to the cycle track. Continue along the railway track between the platforms of the old station and approximately 75 metres on you will see the boathouse on your left. Park on the track, making sure that access for other vehicles is not blocked or impeded, and proceed on foot through the gate to the boathouse and shore.

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