The Wool House, Southampton March 2011

The Wool House (as it was previously called) now called the Maritime Museum is a great building to photograph. Within the Maritime Museum it holds the history of the Superliner called the Titanic, the people who worked on it, the jobs they did and vivid recollections of the night the Titanic struck the iceberg and the consequences for them and their families. It still reverberates in Southampton today as Titanic’s maiden voyage departed Southampton before it was sunk by the iceberg.

Originally this was called “The Wool House” and was built in 1417 as a warehouse for the medieval wool trade with Flanders and Italy. After the decline of wool exports in the late 16th century, the building became a store for alum, a substance used to prepare cloth for dyeing. During the 18th century it was used as a prison and some French prisoners of war carved their names in beams, which can still be seen on the first floor. In 1966 the Wool House opened as Southampton Maritime Museum. It houses one of the finest collections of maritime history in the world.

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